• Don’t just kill weeds.
    Annihilate them.

    Designed by Old School Manufacturing LLC, The Weed Zapper Annihilator is a ruggedly built tractor attachment that can kill weeds down to the root using electricity in as little as one pass.

    Meet the Machine
  • Built for farmers, by farmers, right here in the USA.

    Two brothers with 5 years in the organic farming industry and backgrounds in engineering decided there had to be a more cost-effective way to eliminate weeds.

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The Annihilator Series

The Weed Zapper Annihilator is a revolutionary piece of equipment that is unlike any other weed elimination solution. With at least 100,000+ watts of electricity, your weeds won't know what hit them.

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See The Weed Zapper at work as it kills weeds safely and effectively.

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