Old School Manufacturing is pleased to now offer a custom, Front 3-point hitch! With a universal hitch and brand specific mounting plates to suit any tractor. Priced at $3500, and capable of lifting 2500 pounds, it’s the perfect hitch for The Weed Zapper, and other light use attachments.

Due to the fact that our machines are engineered from the ground up to be FRONT mounted, we are proud to make it easier than ever to hook up to one of our Annihilator machines. (The Weed Zapper)
We also have hose kits available for your convenience. They come in 3 different lengths. Kit #1-18’and 19′ hose, Kit #2-21’and 22′ hose, and Kit #3-24’and 25′ hose.

There is a 90-day lead time.

Orders will be processed by email only.

Phone orders will NOT be accepted. Email only.

50% down payment required when placing orders.

Disclaimer: This is a first year product, not yet tested with our 30′, and new 40′ boom system. We are not liable for any damages sustained to tractor, operator, or any other personal property, during use, with this product. Please note: May require extra bracing/welding/reinforcement of weight bracket, for use with larger boom systems.