Weed Zapper Programming Update Instructions


We are in the process of loading new updates. Please call the office, or check your mail for a USB.

The following instructions are to be followed when downloading programming updates from our website and installing them on your Weed Zapper monitor and computer.



  1. Download the attachments and open the download folder where they are now shown. It is required that you open this folder and copy the individual files and not just copy the unopened folder. So copy and paste the individual files onto a clean USB Flash Drive.
  1. Once this is accomplished, you should be ready to take the flash drive to your Weed Zapper and install the new programming on your machine.
  2. To install the update, connect your monitor to the appropriate harness connections.
  3.  Power up the monitor. Make note (write down) of current software version shown in the lower left portion of the monitor screen. Insert the flash drive into the USB port on the right side of the monitor. An Update Instructions screen should appear on your monitor.
  4. Press and hold the Update Monitor button on the lower left portion of the screen until a progress bar appears showing the data transfer. When this is complete, a pop-up window should appear notifying you the transfer is complete. Press the “Ack” Button to    acknowledge this notification.
  5. Remove the flash drive and press the “Ack” button that appears. Reinsert the flash drive and the update screen should appear again. Now press and hold the Computer Update button on the lower right portion of the screen until you see the progress bar appear. When the transfer is complete, press the “Ack” Button to acknowledge the update completion.


At this point, your software version on your opening monitor screen, should be showing the new update. If so, you have successfully updated and are ready for machine operation.





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Happy Zapping!