Instructions to update Weed Zapper Monitor

  1. Download the attachments and open the download folder where they are now shown. Copy and paste both downloads to the USB flash drive. There is no need to unzip or extract these files as they are already in the root file position.
  2. Make sure the names of each of the files appear exactly as follows: HMI-WEEDZAPPER1.ZNV for the folder and TWZ-10192-PLC.zld for the file. Make sure there are no additional characters or spaces in the names. If there are, the update will not load.
  3. You should be able to install it to your Weed Zapper at this point. You must load the HMI Update first and then the PLC afterwards. If you have any trouble you can call us at 660-851-8800 and we can talk you through it.

ZLD File ZNV Zip File