In 2018…”I ran about 3,400 acres. I think it’s fantastic. …it’s the perfect tool for controlling water hemp. I can’t say enough about the company owners. Ben Kroeger is nice to work with, very attentive, and he really knows his stuff. I’m very happy with them and their machine.”

“I have fallen head over heels for the machine so I think everyone needs to know about it…I can’t say enough great things about this company as they have been fantastic on support and always willing to look at how to improve their product.”

“I paid for the whole machine, on one 60 acre organic soybean field!”

“The Weed Zapper will be huge for conventional farmers because there is no resistance to 14,000 volts.”

“The velvetleaf is a challenge this year because of their growth stage. Next year we can start when they are in the full growth mode and the plant has more moisture it, thanks to The Weed Zapper.”

“The Weed Zapper is a game changer.”