The Weed Zapper

Models Available for the 2022 Season

The Annihilator Series

This style machine consists of a the Cart carried behind the tractor and the Boom carried in front of the tractor.


Due to the overwhelming amount of request for the 2022 6R30 and 2022 8R30 models Old School Manufacturing is willing to build the following quantities of these models:
6R30 x 6 with 15′ rigid boom $56,000
8R30 x 3 with 20′ flex boom $61,500
These will be sold/built for PREORDERS by Feb 15th only. The customer must order and provide 10% down payment by no later than February 15th. 
Due to production timing, systems not ordered before this time period will not be built as 2022 12R30 with 15′ rigid boom $68,000 or 2022 12R30 with 20′ flex boom $71,500.



110,000+ watt generator
Recommend 120 PTO HP tractor

6R30 with 20′ Boom: $59,500

*Options for Universities available


125,000+ watt generator
Recommend  150 PTO HP tractor

8R30 with 15′ Boom: $58,000

8R30 with 20′ Boom: $61,500


155,000+ watt generator
Recommend  225 PTO HP tractor

12R30 with 30′ Boom: $71,500

12R30 with 40′ Boom: $74,000


200,000+ watt generator
Recommend 275 PTO HP Tractor

16R30 with 30′ Boom: $77,500

16R30 with 40′ Boom: $80,000



The Terminator Series- SOLD OUT

Limited Quantity Available

These models coming soon to a field near you!
Twin Engines provide up to 750 HP.
Self Contained Weed Zapper
The ultimate in weed control
No Tractor Needed
These machines just need a driver and a field, to go to work!
These machines typically burn around 1-1.5 gallons of fuel per acre


All sales require a down payment.

Financing options available upon request, including options with Ag Direct!

Existing customers eligible to receive $500 referral bonus.